Sleeping Bulldog Studio Clients

Sleeping Bulldog Studio, since its opening in 2006, has worked with:

Artist In-Studio Recordings:

Kimberly Dietz

Kaimyn O'Neill

Richard DeCuir

Suzanne Levy-Garrett

Kristi Devries

Ed Moda

Rob Ross

The Reclamation Project

James Prater

Dyann Arthur

John Duncanson

Larry Byers

Douglas Arrington

Live Recordings at:

The Hungry Pelican Cafe, Snohomish

Stewarts Bar, Snohomish

Mirkwood & Shire Cafe, Arlington

Hawthorne Taproom, Snohomish

The Repp, Snohomish

Former Studio Engineering:

Binary Studio

Triad Studios

Rogue Island Studios

Bastyr Chapel (on-site)

City of Redmond Fire House Teen Center Studio

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